Origin of the United States

To know the history and origin of the United States of America you must first know what it is like and its geographical situation. By its extension, the United States (United States of America or USA) is the third largest country in the world, and by its population, the fourth. If we take into account its economic potential, we are facing the most important state on the planet.

Located in North America, it occupies, in addition to the extreme northwest with Alaska, the wide central band of the continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. It limits to the north with Canada, and to the south with Mexico (see history of Mexico ).

It was the first republic born as such in the history of the world and, since then (1776), has developed its history in a permanent contradiction. It has been able to welcome and save millions of emigrants from all continents, but also to annihilate the indigenous populations.

He has enlightened, children both of the civil war that faced North and South for the liberation of the slaves, Martin Luther King and the Ku Klux Klan. Inventor of an individual project that includes the search for happiness, has ended up becoming the gendarme of the world. Europe owes its freedom, and the whole world the enslavement derived from its economic leadership.

Continent : America
Area : 9.636353 km2
Capital : Washington
Population : 326,421,906 inhabitants
Currency : Dollar
Official language : English

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