History of the expansion of the USA

The nineteenth century was characterized by the expansion to the west. In 1803, the American Government bought Napoleon the Louisiana, doubling the country’s territory with this operation.

history united eighteenth century
After a new war with England1812-14), some representatives of Congress proclaimed the idea of ​​conquering Canada, Florida and Cuba; previous military occupation, in 1818 a part of Canada was annexed and in 1819 Florida.

The Monroe Doctrine (1823) manifested the intention of the American bourgeoisie to arrogate to itself the right to decide the fate of the American continent and to reserve its exclusive exploitation.

In 1845 Texas was annexed, which previously (1836) had been separated from Mexico at the instigation of the great American slave owners.

The so-called Mexican War (1846-1848) forcibly removed 2,500,000 km : from territory to Mexico, which was forced to accept this fact by the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (1848).

War between Mexico and the United StatesSlavery was immediately established in most of the new territories, as well as a rigid discrimination suffered by its Mexican or Indian inhabitants.

In this march to the west the land populated by natives was declared property of the State and auctioned at high prices; the Indians were forced by the US Army to retreat to sterile lands (mountains and deserts), and entire tribes were exterminated .

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